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Earthquake THOR-10 True In-Wall Subwoofer

Earthquake THOR-10 True In-Wall Subwoofer
Regular Price$999.99
Home Theater Plus Price$750.00
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

THOR-10 600Watt Amp: 
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When it comes to home theater any thing under 10 inches can't seriously be considered high-end. A true theater must be able to produce sub harmonics that can be felt when called on to go down. Imitation in-wall subwoofers produce more resonance than true bass reproduction, they can't be felt and are a hassle to install.

Earthquake Sound's THOR in-wall is designed with sound quality, sound staging and ease of installation in mind. The engineers at Earthquake approached this project at multiple angles so that the product would be ergonomic from install to finish making it a true marvel.

THOR is capable of producing sub harmonics down to 19Hz and has next to zero resonance thanks to it's muscular design. The back plate is filled with fiber cloth to absorb some of the impact but the true technology comes from the internal design. Each screw that surrounds the driver and passive radiator is interlocked with a connecting brace that protrudes from the back plate for added support. The bottom of the back plate and back side of the front panel are lined with x-crossing bridges that create a stability un-heard of at the in-wall level.

Not only is the enclosure structure true unique and patented, the driver in side may be the main attraction. The SWS-10" (Shallow Woofer System) is not the only shallow woofer made, but it is the only patented shallow woofer that produces effective excursion and works well for the purpose that it is intended to serve. The purpose of this technologically advanced speaker is to deliver bass from a shallow place, this means that it caters to people who are limited on space and want a great sounding system whether it be in their home or mobile application.

Installing THOR is easier than any in-wall subwoofer that you'll find and we can guarantee this. With other in-wall subs you are required to use brackets and put screws in at uncomfortable and awkward angles. So in the end you the installer would have to pay for engineers who have no imagination. With THOR there are no brackets you literally screw the enclosure into the studs from the front, eliminating all hassle. The enclosure drops right into a standard 2x4 wall and screws into any retrofit or existing home leaving you with only one step and that is to wire it up which is also made easy with it's spring loaded terminals.

Earthquake is extremely proud of their latest addition to the ever expanding home audio line. We hope that our efforts will please all audiophiles from the installer to the consumer. We feel that our in-wall subwoofer is superior to all others and offers many features that are beneficial to installation and modern living requirements.

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Earthquake THOR-10 True In-Wall Subwoofer

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